Yannick Wagenaar

Yannick Wagenaar (1990) is the owner of 010 DANCE Programm. He is an enthusiastic and energetic teacher and he always ensures that dance pleasure is first priority.

Before Yannick graduated at the ArtEZ Dance Academy in 2012 a Dancer/Maker he studied at the Dutch National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and at the ArtEZ Pre-education for young talent. His first professional stage experiences were achieved as an intern with Introdans in Arnhem. Later he danced with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Conny Janssen Danst and Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht amongst others.

Nowadays Yannick works as a teacher modern dance techniques and repertoire at Codarts University of Performing Arts. He is also a teacher and repetitor at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam where he provides educational workshops and rehearses/sets choreographies for other groups and dance educations. Yannick teaches modern dance techniques at the Albeda Dance College at the educations Allround Dancer and Dance Instructor. Since 2016 he also provides leadership workshops to international businesses at The Institue of Quality Leadership. When Yannick is not teaching he creates podcasts about dance performances.

From 2014 until 2018 Yannick worked at the Pre-education Theaterdance in Enschede. In the past he was also teaching for the Education & Talentdevelopment department of the Nederlands Dans Theater in The Hague.

Besides being a teacher Yannick also works as a freelance choreographer. His choreographies are known for their energetic dance language with a technical foundation. Yannick creaties dance for a varied audiences. His schoolperformance De Danskriebel (created for De Dansloods, Gouda) is specially made for young kids in primary education, but he also creates for a mature audience. At the educations where he teaches (and used to teach) he makes several choreographies and performances every year.

Yannick is a guestteacher -and choreographer at Talvandansen, Korzo/Crosstown, Summerdance Groningen, Schrit_tmacher Festival, Holland Dance Festival, Studio IN Dans and Kunstbende amongst others.

Guest teachers

Margriet de Rijk

As co-founder of 010 DANCE Programm Margriet was there at the beginning. She taught several classes and workshops for 4,5 years. She danced with Herman van Veen, Dutch Don't Dance Division and LaMelis amongst others. Besides being a teacher Margriet is also a coach.

Jamy Schinkelshoek

Jamy regularly teaches repertoire workshops of Introdans where she has been dancing for over a decade. She is a recurring guest at our Dance Intensives and always makes sure that every dancer has a challenging experience. Jamy studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Menghan Lou

Menghan danced with Nederlands Dans Theater in The Hague. Nowadays he works as a choreographer. Menghan taught a workshop repertoire by NDT at the Rotterdam Dance Intensive in 2019. 

Merijn de Kok

Merijn teaches Jazz classes at our Dance Intensives. She studied at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg and danced with Hans Klok, Sensation and Holland Show Ballet amongst others. Nowadays Merijn teaches Jazz and Didactics at Albeda Dance College.

Bryndis Ragna Brynjolfsdottir

For years the Icelandic Bryndis was one of the most familiair faces of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. She taught a repertoire workshop from this world famous dance company during one of our Dance Intensives.

Jockey Latukolan

Jockey graduated from the Albeda Dance College in 2013 where she is a teacher herself now. She gives Urban dance classes at the education of Dance Instructor. For this style she is a recurring guest at our Dance Intensives.

Mara Hulspas

Mara studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and danced with Introdans and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. As a guest teacher Mara provides improvisation classes.

Nikki de Graaf

Nikki is our guest teacher for Modern dance classes. She studied at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK and has her own dance company (NDG Company) in Arnhem. Besides that, she teaches at the Pre-education Twentyfour Dance Education in Ede.

Jadinda Vermeer

Jadinda studied at APO Arts Academy in Melbourne and danced with the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. During our Dance Intensives Jadinda teaches Showdance classes.

Matthew Decuyper

The Flemish Matthew is a guest teacher for Urban Contemporary dance classes. He studies at Codarts University of Performing Arts. Nowadays he works a freelance teacher and choreographer in Antwerp, Belgium.

Marjolein Teepen

Marjolein is known for her roles in musicals such as Evita, Cats and We Will Rock You. For multiple times she was a guest at 010 DANCE Programm, teaching Musicaldance.

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