Prijzen 2023 / 2024

1 block

€ 198,-

12 classes

2 Blocks

€ 382,-

24 classes

Full year

€ 572,-

36 classes

Single class

€ 20,-

trial class

€ 9,99

Information dance classes

Modern (advanced)

In a high tempo several substyles of Modern dance make this class to a great experience for advanced dancers. From Cunningham to Graham, from Countertechnique to Floorwork, it will all be there. Different styles of music are being used for the exercises which increases the joy of dance. These classes are challenging and energetic.

Modern (intermediate)

This class is perfect for dancer who like to enjoy the diversity of this style in a slower pace. You will develop your technique, be challenged and simply enjoy the fun of moving. All styles of music will be used, therefore you will always have an innovative experience.

Modern (beginner)

This class is perfect for dancers who want to start with modern dance. It is also very suitable for people who danced in the past and want to pick it up again. The class consists out of different exercises and combinations, always to beautiful and nice music. After one class you'll never want to stop dancing. 

Dance Workout (all levels)

This class is perfect for every type of dancer, from beginner to advanced. Through a followup of short phrases and exercises you'll never stop moving. You'll raise your heartbeat and burn calories without even noticing. The focus is on joy, rhythm, strength, coördination and flexibility.

Contemporary (advanced)

This class continues where a regular class stops. What's more fun than the dance combination at the end of a class? Exactly! A class that consists entirely out of rehearsing and executing such a combination. In Choreography you'll be working a modern choreography. As a result you'll be able to enjoy the ultimate dance experience at the end of a block.

Ballet (intermediate)

This graceful and classical dance style is known to everyone. It is the foundation of many other styles. In this class you'll be working a lot on technique, first at the barre and later through space. Besides that it also focussed on sense of style, dynamic, strength, flexibility, but most of all pleasure in dance.



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